Tour overview

Philippines is an archipelago that is made up of thousands of islands. The topography of the Philippines makes it a place blessed with so many seas as well as mountains. It is a place that is close to nature itself. For this reason, the Philippines has lots of tourist destinations especially the best beaches in the world.

One of the best places in the Philippines is Palawan. It is a group of islands located on the western side of the Philippines. Palawan is a famous tourist destination not only in the Philippines but as well as in other countries. There are numerous breathtaking vacation spots in Palawan alone that is why it is considered as a tourist hotspot in the country. There are indeed countless reasons why you should visit Palawan and here as some of them:

Palawan brings you closer to nature. It has wonderful sceneries of mountains and the best beaches in the world. Going to Palawan is like escaping into a paradise that is far from the busy life in the metro. El Nido and Busuanga in Palawan are famous for the amazing white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It even gets better because there are more than fifty islands all together where you can relax and have a peace of mind. Crowded beach and too many tourists will never be a problem because you can always find an island where you can have your privacy. Not to mention the rich marine life under the sea makes it a perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also find your own adventure through caving and spelunking. You also should not dare miss the mystic Underground River in Puerto Princesa. Not only that, but you will definitely be amazed by what Palawan has to offer.

Palawan makes you feel at home. It is true that one reason why people need a vacation is to have some time away from home in order to relieve us from stress. But then, going on a vacation that makes you feel at home is also important. Palawan has its way to always make you feel comfortable no matter where you are. The people in Palawan are very warm and hospitable. They make sure that every guest is satisfied. They provide world-class service that will make your stay in Palawan even more stress-free.

Palawan will satisfy your cravings. Aside from the scenery and beautiful ambiance, Palawan also has the most delectable food. They have fresh seafood cooked just the way you want it. Lobsters, tuna, oysters, shrimp, squid, and fish are just a few of the countless seafood dishes you should not dare to miss. The flavor of Filipino cuisine even adds to sumptuous. Make sure you experience the best of Palawan by dining in restaurants like Ka Lui, Kinabuch, Viet Ville Restaurant, and a lot more.

Palawan will give you a memorable experience. Altogether, having a vacation in Palawan will truly be a vacation you won’t forget. You will simply be mesmerized by its beauty that you would definitely come back to Palawan with no hesitations at all. Palawan indeed has a lot to offer from scenic views, islands to explore, delicious food, and warm people. Palawan is an adventure of a lifetime you should not miss.




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