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Discover the beauty of San Vicente, an underrated Palawan destination that is home to the longest beach in the Philippines.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about planning a trip here.

San Vicente is an emerging tourist destination nestled in between the popular Palawan destinations El Nido and Puerto Princesa.

Located on the northwestern side of Palawan Island, it is home to the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines and the second-longest in Southeast Asia, aptly named Long Beach.

At precisely 14.7 KM-long, it is said to be three times longer than Boracay’s famous White Beach. San Vicente’s Long Beach offers a laid-back vibe, ideal for travelers who are interested in sightseeing, lounging at the beach for hours, and island-hopping.

Aside from Long Beach, the main highlight of San Vicente,  it is a peaceful fishing village that offers more tourist spots. It is blessed with untouched lush forests, picturesque islands, majestic waterfalls, enchanting mangroves, and diverse flora and fauna.

The opening of the new San Vicente Palawan Airport has made this sleeping town now easily accessible. More tourists can visit this quaint and secluded town to explore its idyllic tourist spots.

Bookmark this page for all the details you need to know when booking flights, accommodations, tours, and planning your itinerary to San Vicente, Palawan.


San Vicente Tourist Requirements & Guidelines | COVID-19 New Normal

Travelers from the Philippines can explore San Vicente’s long stretch of sandy beach, pristine waters, and other majestic spots. With the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) and the Local Government Unit (LGU) has mandated a set of guidelines and tourist requirements to follow before you make your way to this beautiful destination.

1. Who are allowed to go to San Vicente?

San Vicente in Palawan is open to domestic tourists from the Philippines provided they have a negative RT-PCR test result within 48 hours prior to arrival, proof of a confirmed booking at a Department of Tourism (DOT)-accredited accommodation, returning flight ticket, complete travel itinerary, and registration via and S-Pass.

For Palawan-based tourists, the requirements needed include a negative antigen test result within 24 hours prior to arrival, proof of pre-booked accommodation at a DOT-accredited establishment, valid identification card, and must register at Palawan-based tourists who are fully vaccinated* do not need to present a negative antigen test result but must show a valid and complete vaccination card or a certification of complete vaccination from a local health office.

All tourists must also coordinate with the Tourism Office via 0917 854 5581 or 0999 400 1454. Tourists are also required to take an antigen test on their seventh day of stay.

*A fully vaccinated individual is someone who has more than or equal to 2 weeks after having received the second dose in a 2-dose vaccine; or more than or equal to 2 weeks after having received a single-dose vaccine

2. What are the entry points in San Vicente?

The major entry points of San Vicente are San Vicente Airport and Port Barton. The province can be reached through a direct flight from Clark International Airport via Philippine Airlines. Take note that domestic tourists are required to provide a returning flight ticket.

For Palawan-based tourists, San Vicente can also be reached by sea. Registered sea tourist transports (motorized bancas) travel to Port Barton from Sabang, Puerto Princesa City.

3. What travel requirements do you need to prepare?

Here are the requirements that you need to prepare before going to San Vicente:

Negative RT-PCR test result for domestic tourists

Domestic tourists coming to San Vicente must submit a negative RT-PCR test result 48 hours prior to arrival.

Negative antigen test result for Palawan-based tourists

Palawan-based tourists must submit a negative antigen test result taken 24 hours before their arrival to San Vicente.

Vaccination Card or Certification of Complete Vaccination for fully vaccinated Palawan-based tourists

Fully vaccinated Palawan-based tourists may present their complete vaccination card instead of a negative antigen test. A certification of complete vaccination from a local health office may also be presented.

Submit necessary requirements

Domestic tourists coming to San Vicente must register via S-Pass and submit a valid identification card, proof of pre-booked accommodation at a DOT-accredited establishment, returning flight ticket, and complete travel itinerary. For Palawan-based residents, proof of pre-booked accommodation is needed, plus a valid identification card.

Requirements for domestic tourists entering via Puerto Princesa

Aside from the requirements above, all domestic tourists (including Palawan-based residents) must fill-up an online registration or health declaration form at

Observe Strict Quarantine

Residents and domestic tourists must comply with strict quarantine guidelines until their arrival at San Vicente. This includes wearing face masks, face shields, observing proper social distancing, and regular sanitizing of hands.

4. What are the guidelines and protocols to follow when you’re in San Vicente?

Once you’re in San Vicente, make sure you abide by these safety protocols:

Minimum health standards: Mask and face shield

All inbound travelers must use face masks and face shields. Practice washing hands regularly and social distancing should be observed especially in public. This is to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Transport protocols

All inbound travelers must adhere to the quarantine protocols especially with public transportation.

Dining protocols

All inbound travelers must abide by the necessary quarantine guidelines set by the restaurants. Proper washing of hands must be implemented.

5. What activities can you do in San Vicente during quarantine?

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the tourist spots of San Vicente, which include stunning tourist spots and fun activities like Long Beach and the Port Barton area

Best Time to Go to San Vicente

You have to plan your trip during the months when the weather is warm and sunny. Because it prides itself on being the home to the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines and to several island destinations.

In this section, you’ll learn about the best time to go to San Vicente, its local festival, the climate and weather, and how to dress accordingly.

Dry Season | December to April

The best time to visit San Vicente is during its dry season, covering the months of December to April or mid-May. These months are the sunniest.

Thanks to its location in the west of the Philippines, Palawan is not frequented by typhoons compared to other provinces found in the eastern area of the country.

Port Barton is a famous destination especially for European tourists, with the peak season usually from December to February when they’re escaping to the tropics during their winter season.

Malagnang Mud Festival | June 

If you’re interested in experiencing the local festival of the Malagnang Mud Festival, the best time to visit is in June. It usually happens around June 19-21.

“Malagnang” means mud in their local dialect and it is an annual celebration that signifies fertile soil that gave life and prosperity to the early settlers of the town.

Locals and visitors take part in activities and competitions such as street dancing and cultural programs. San Vicente weather in June is still hot and humid like the dry season.

But there can be rain showers if the weather reports indicate the presence of a low-pressure area or incoming tropical storm.

Source:   Guide to the Philippines