We perceive our group to OPEN.  Open to new ideas and challenges, open to accepting industry trends and new technologies but at the same time applying the “Maka-Palawenyo” thinking, of making community first, putting Palawenyo’s and Palawan top of mind in most of our endeavors.


We value TRUST.  We base our relationships, whether personal or professional, greatly on trust.  We work with our partners, suppliers, co-collaborators with great trust, because we believe in the integrity of each and every individual that works for us and represents our brand.  We also believe that each and  every group who we have chosen to partner and collaborate with, also believe the same.


We believe in ACCOUNTABILITY or being responsible for our work, our good service, our people.  We are accountable for each and every transaction that will bring you to the beautiful islands of Palawan.  We are accountable for each piece of land or property, each body of water, plants and trees and creatures great and small that is in Palawan.  We take pride of our work and where we work, and we make ourselves accountable for taking care of all of this as an individual and as a business entity running within Palawan, so that more people may be able to experience the beauty that is Palawan for generations to come.



“MALASAKIT”  directly translated in English would be CONCERN.  Concern for one another, our co-workers, our staff, the people who work in our facilities, our travel agents and of course “malasakit” for the people who have included Palawan in their travel plan.  Amika Travel, like the rest of our company-owned entities believe that “malasakit” can extend to more people who actually need and deserve our “malasakit”.  Amika Travel, along with our corporate partners, get involved with a lot of CSR programs that we hope go a long way and are able to touch people’s lives, so that they too may be able to pay it forward.





Being “MAKA-PALAWAN”  implies being community-oriented, and always putting Palawan and “Palawenyos” always on top of mind.  When we have that “Maka-Palawan” state of mind, we would be able to introduce a better Palawan to the larger global community.  We first take care of our own, so that others may learn of it’s importance and learn to take care of Palawan, its resources and its people.