Amika Travel is very lucky to have a very young Captain to head our ship – Captain Michelle Tiotangco, who’s very passionate about running the ship, coaching her crew, and traveling.   Loves travel and simply loves life.  Born and raised on the beautiful island, Palawan,   An environmental advocate, tries to take part in every activity that can help save Palawan.  Kind-hearted and has made it her responsibility to pay it forward to others in the different organizations and charities that she is part of.  Well-traveled, well-rounded.  Now she’s also tried her hand in planting, maybe later on considering serious farming.  And for her latest undertaking, she is trying her best to capture everything in the film via her youtube channel  Palawan Princess.


Our crew speaks of the best and brightest, all of whom are, of course, from Palawan, Our people like us are “Maka-Palawan” and they do carry the same ideals, and the same VISION, making Palawan first on the list on every travel plan.

Very accommodating to the needs of the clients.  Resourceful and flexible,  Diligent, accountable, and of course “Maka-Palawan”