Whether it’s exploring our favorite Palawan islands or kayaking around the lagoons of Coron and El Nido, it looks like we’re going to have to set these activities aside for now with COVID-19 still at its peak. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long until your next adventure. Until then, if you’re stuck at home with a lot of time on your plate, we’ve got some tips to add some fun to your down time!


  1. K-BBQ night with your family

We know you’ve been missing your favorite Korean barbecue restos lately. It’s okay, we get you! Don’t let that stop you from enjoying K-BBQ at home though. Head to the nearest supermarket or your local korean grocery and buy fresh samgyupsal meat, Korean dips and spices, and loads of kimchi! If you simply can’t go out, we heard some restaurants are selling their ingredients online and deliver too.

  1. Make a tik-tok account and get creative with your videos

Tik-tok has been all the rage for months now and we’re really starting to see why! With a vast selection of music and video effects, it’s no question why more and more kids (and kids at heart) are downloading the app. So if you can’t head to the gym or jog outside for now, taking videos while you dance to your favorite bops surely counts as cardio!

  1. Try cooking or baking your restaurant favorites

No, we don’t mean just trying your luck at baking sourdough bread or making Dalgona coffee. Google some of your favorite food from your go-to restaurants and we’re sure a good recipe is bound to come out. You might even surprise yourself with better-tasting food!

  1. Host an online game night with your barkada

It’s been too long since you’ve had a night out with friends. We totally feel you! Luckily, technology makes it possible to still hang out virtually. Through Google Meets or Zoom, organizing a game night is super easy. Choose a theme, create a really cool powerpoint, and share screen! Just make sure your friends bring a small white board or scratch paper to write their answers. With a bottle of beer and a set of crazy questions, trust us, you’ll be laughing all night!

  1. Start journaling

Don’t let your 2020 planners go to waste just because you have nothing on your plate. Allot a little bit of time out of your day for expressing yourself through your journal. There are no limits or boundaries; you can write about anything under the sun. Gathering your thoughts and jotting them down, especially during this pandemic, can be very therapeutic.

  1. Organize a home photoshoot

We may not be posting #travelgoals photos anytime soon, #OOTD and #aesthetic posts are still very much possible! With just your phone and trusty photographer (a.k.a as your sibling), you can produce your own shoot at home. Don’t forget to schedule it to catch the perfect light!

  1. Plan your next adventure

The future seems a bit uncertain now but we can’t help but daydream about when we can travel again. Turn your daydream into a concrete goal by planning where you want to go next, where you want to stay, the sights you want to see, and the activities you want to try.


Of course, we hope you’ll keep Palawan in mind for your next trip. For your tours and accommodations, hit us up and we’ll help you plan for then. Through Amika Travel and Tours, your next adventure will definitely be one for the books. Until that time comes, keep safe and enjoy our no-fail boredom tips at home!