Have you been missing social interaction lately? We have been too! Lucky for us, technology still allows to virtually spend time with our friends and family. While you can’t really throw a party, hit the arcade, or go on a roadtrip just yet, you can still gather your barkada for some competitive fun! Here are some themes you can try for your next Zoom game night.

  1. 80s/90s/00s Pop Culture

Whether you’re a Gen X tita, a hip millennial, or a trendy Gen Z baby, it’s time to test out your skills on just how much you remember about the style crazes, one-hit wonders, and box-office hits you encountered growing up. Do you still remember that movie starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd? Or the title of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s early 00’s reality show? Trust us, coming up with the questions will just be as enjoyable as participating in the game!


  1. Singing Bee

From pop and rock, to OPM and hip-hop, this game night’s all about naming the song title, guessing the song artist, and singing the missing lyrics! It’s definitely going to be just like the TV show itself! What makes it better is that you’ll all be laughing at the lyrics your friends are probably going to make up and sing off-key.


  1. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

So do you still remember the branches of science? What about the names of Jose Rizal’s siblings? It’s time to find out who had more fun during recess than in class. Quiz your friends on how much they remember from your grade school lessons! It’ll be funny when you realize you’ve forgotten even the most basic of things!


  1. Too Cool for School

Playing with your high school or college friends? Take a trip down memory lane and ask your friends questions only you guys should know by heart! Do you still memorize your school hymn? How does that UAAP cheer go again? Which professor taught you trigonometry? Show some school spirit and make your patron saint (or principal) proud!


  1. Fiesta Filipino

You can’t deny your list of Filipino favorites! With questions ranging from the teleseryes you grew up watching to John Lloyd Cruz movie lines, game night will be as exciting and hilarious as ever. Keep up with the theme and have yourself a bottle of San Miguel beer and chicharon while playing!

By the time you’ve maxed out your online game nights and e-numans, we hope everything will be safe and better by then. Come visit us in Palawan! Not only will we take you around the beautiful islands, but we’ll be sure to give you the whole package of a fun barkada outing – game nights and more!